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Listed below are community gardens throughout the area. Many of these groups offer plots for community members to garden and are a great opportunity to get to know neighbors, learn more about gardening and have access to space for growing that people might not have otherwise. Each garden is set up different and they are not all plot-rental or communal gardens.  Please contact the garden steward listed under each community garden for more information. Growing Hope doesn't manage these gardens-- we just refer you to the volunteers who do!

Ypsilanti-Area Gardens

Chidester Place Community Garden (Community (Residential) & Healing Garden)
Residents at Chidester Place, on the south side of Ypsi near the UAW & Visteon plant, have been gardening in the ground and raised beds (including wheelchair accessible beds) for five years. The garden has both shared area and individual plots. Plots intended for residents of Chidester Place, located at 330 Chidester Place, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Contact Barbara Heyl at (734)483-1664 & Debra Lee (734)340-3917

Dawn Farms (Healing & Community (Residential) Garden)
The half acre garden found on Dawn Farms serves as a healing and nutrition garden for facility residents ready for addiction recovery. The grown items are primarily vegetables, but fruits are also present. They also run an elaborate compost system consisting of a worm farm. Located at 6633 Stoney Creek Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Contact Grace Yooder (734)787-4777 for more information

Frog Island Community Garden (Community (Rental) Garden)
This garden is a work of art, having been built by community residents in 2007 using many creative and reclaimed materials. Plots are available for community members to rent. The garden steward is Michelle Shankwiler, You can reach them on their facebook group here. facebook group here

The Giving Garden (EMU Student Garden)
The Giving Garden empowers individuals and communities to grow through gardening. Our sustainable campus-community garden provides a place in which people can access fresh food, education, community support, and inspiration to make positive contributions in linking EMU and Ypsi communities and food systems. Visit the Giving Garden on Facebook at:

Home of New Vision  Community & Educational Garden
Home of New Vision maintains a “Plots of Love” 4x4 raised beds at the Growing Hope Center. The Plots of Love program provides fun, safe, sober summer activities for their clients, staff and volunteers, and half of the produce grown from the program goes to donation. The 2015 steward is Chris O’Droski. Plots located at the Growing Hope Center 922 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Main offices at 3115 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor 48104 To learn more about the Home of New Vision’s Plots of love, contact Chris at 734-686-4974 or

Jefferson Street Farm Community (Use) Garden
The Jefferson Street Farm is a community adventure in cooperative land acquisition and farming. This neighborhood garden is located at 473 W. Jefferson in Ypsilanti. Started in 2012, this operation grows organically to give to neighbors and friends on a 60’ x 105’ plot of land. The Jefferson Street Farm steward is Natalie Holbrook. Contact Natalie at

Lakeshore Apartment ComplexCommunity (Residential) Garden
One of the few apartment communities in Washtenaw County that allows their residents to use every square foot of the community for growing Hope. The Lake Shore Apartments located on Ford Lake formed a community garden with the assistance of Growing Hope in 2010; our community, just like our garden, continues to grow because of the people. Located at 2500 Lakeshore Blvd., Ypsilanti Township, MI 48108 Contact the main offices (734)482-2800

Midtown Community Garden  Community (Rental) Garden
Located on the corner of Congress St. and Normal St. in Ypsilanti, MI. Midtown is a neighborhood garden that uses a plot-rental style. Check out the guidelines and if interested fill out the application. The garden steward is Tanya Andrews, contact her at . Midtown Community Garden is community garden with rentable plots and a sliding scale payment. Contact Tanya Andrews (734)834-2992

New West Willow Neighborhood Association  Community (Residential) Garden
West Willow Community Garden “Grow in Hope” is located at 2057 Tyler Rd. in the West Willow subdivision. It covers about ½ of the lot at the Community Resource Center (CRC). It is located in the middle of the subdivision making it equally accessible to all residents. It also has a bus stop nearby that attracts residents because of its convenience when returning home in the evening. We hope the shed and picnic area will become a place for residents to gather for fellowship. Residents will see a new and beautiful sign appear at the garden this year! To get involved contact JoAnn McCollum (734)845-7362, the NWWNA at or just come on out and join the planting in mid April and stay involved into the fall.

Normal Park Community Garden  Community (Rental) Garden
Located at 105 N. Mansfield St. in Ypsilanti. This partner garden is a neighborhood garden that uses a plot-rental style and is located behind Ypsilanti Middle School (corner of Mansfield and Congress). Check out the guidelines and if interested fill out the application. The garden steward is Jessica Faul 483-4690 or The garden application is available here!

Perry / Parkridge Community Garden  Community (Rental) & Educational Garden
Perry/Parkridge Community Garden is a plot-rental garden and has space for neighborhood residents as well as classes from Perry Child Development Center to adopt or rent plots. In addition to neighborhood plots, through a partnership with Parkridge Community Center (just up the hill from the garden on the other side of Parkridge Park), youth there have the opportunity to grow and harvest while they help grow healthy food in our neighborhood. Located at 550 Perry St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Recreation Park Community Garden  Community (Rental) Garden
Recreation Park Community Garden is a rental garden providing growing space for neighbors in the west side neighborhoods of Ypsilanti. We also devote one plot to the “Plant a Row for the Hungry” program, growing & delivering fresh vegetables to Food Gatherers to supply local food pantries and meal programs. Located at 1015 N. Congress, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. The garden stewards are Jamie Berlin 207-381-6055 and Jessica Walsh 989-640-6365, or

St. Joe’s Hospital Garden  Healing Garden
Started as a way to promote health and wellness, from the root not just medications; the items grown are sold in the hospital and food services use it in the cafeteria. The gardens hold value for both patient education and rehabilitation. Wheelchair accessible hoop house located off site. Also works in conjunction with Eisenhower House. Located at 5301 Mc Auley Dr., Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Contact Farmer Dan (734)712-4667 or John (Eisenhower House Pres.) (734)6770070

Ypsilanti High School
Started in 2012 by a teacher who has since left, this garden is still growing and looking for a new steward. Located at 2095 Packard Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197Contact the schools front desk (734)714-1000 for more information

Ypsilanti New Tech High School
Ypsilanti New Tech High School at Ardis is working to build a community garden to be located at their school, 2100 Ellsworth Road. In their ornamental area, 9th graders will participate in the landscape design of a 40’ x 60’ space. They also participate in Ypsilanti Pride Day and clean up flowerbeds. The garden steward for 2012 is Katharine Fisk. Katharine can be reached at 734-714-1514 or by email at or the front desk (734)714-1500


Non-Ypsilanti Area Gardens

Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living
Started in the spring of 2010, the Better Together Garden is a great addition to an array of inclusive recreation programming offered to residents, on-site at the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living. As a community garden comprised of mixed-height plots, 14 of which are easily accessible to wheelchair users (12 raised beds and 2 table top), we welcome participants of all abilities, all ages and all gardening skill levels 3941 Research Park Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48108, contact Carolyn Grawi at or (734)971-0277 ext. 16
Healing and Community (Residential) Gardening

Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church 
The Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church is establishing a Faith and Food garden to actively involve our congregation in a hands-on approach to do God's work feeding the hungry in Washtenaw County. Our garden, designed and constructed by congregational members, is comprised of raised beds surrounded by fencing to keep out our veggie predators. Photos continue to be placed on the church website. Garden location is 1717 Broadway Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Contact at or their office at (734)665-0105
Faith and Food Gardening

Avalon Community Housing - Edible Avalon Gardens
A collection of 20+ properties with 16+ housing gardens. Focus is to assist the homeless, directed more toward those affected by physical or mental impairment/disability, utilizing garnering and community growth  as important components to health. A Project Grow garden, affiliated with Growing Hope. Garden location is 1327 Jones, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Contact Mollie Richards at or (734)663-5858 ext. 500
Community (Use) and Healing Garden

Back Door Food Pantry &Genesis Faith and Food
A community garden tended by the members of St. Clare's Episcopal Church and Beth Emeth Temple through Genesis Faith and Food, food is supplied to Back Door Food Pantry, and distributed by Food Gatherers. Donations welcome. Location is behind the church, at 2309 Packard, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Bob Milstein at at or
Faith and Food Garden

Bryant Community Center Food Programs: Hikone
This is a low housing complex program in Ann Arbor. Working through the Community Action Network, Bryant has 3 small beds and a green house, fitness trails, and playgrounds. It is a community garden program intended for community building, education, and health. Located at 2724 Hikone, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Contact Emily (734)994-2985 or general offices at (734)973-1183
Community and Educational Garden

Buhr Park Community Gardening
Loaned property run by Project Grow, consisting of 8 plots, providing nearby residents space to garden freely. Located at 2560 Towner Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Andy Brush at or the park offices for general information at (734)794-6230
Community (Use) Garden

Catholic Social Services Garden
This is a Project Grow garden for local residents. Located at Catholic Social Services, 4925 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, 48108. Contact Zeal Chen at for more information.
Community (Use) Garden

Chapel Hill Condominiums
This is another Project Grow garden, provided for the residents of the Chapel Hill Condominiums. 10x10 plots can be used individually or split, and left over foods are encourage to be shared. Located at 3350 Green Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105 behind the playground, on Bulgos Circle. Contact Laura (775)303-1169 for more information.
Community (Residents) Garden

Clague Middle School Garden
A project grow garden for the local community, holding 8 plots (3 perennial). Located in the front, near the road, at Clague Middle School 2616 Nixon Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Contact Bob Brown and Sylvain Monigny at
Community (Use) Garden

Cobblestone Farms & Museum
A project grow garden, everything grown here is donated to the food pantry at Packard Health and the Back Door Food Pantry, and the gardens are volunteer run. Donations and volunteers are always welcome. Located at 2781 Packard, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact the main offices at (734)794-6230.
Community (Donation) Garden

County Farm Park
This is one of the larger programs in the Project Grow Gardens, with 2 county farm park gardens and a discovery garden. Over 81 plots for the community to utilize when growing, and have specially designed raised beds for wheelchair accessibility. Located at 2230 Platt Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Karl Longstreth Janet Bourgon or Sharon Fay
Community (Use) & Healing Garden

Dicken Elementary School Garden
A Project Grow program ran on the Dicken Elementary School property. Created at the request of Dicken Woods residents, this community garden is available for nearby residents and open after normal school hours. Located at 2135 Runnymede Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Contact Andy Comai
Community (Use) Garden

Glacier Hills Retirement Community: Residential and Rehabilitation Gardens
Glacier Hills offers two forms of community gardening, for personal needs and healing. Residential gardens include 10 raised beds (2.5 ft off the ground) with individual hoses and indoor herb growing in the dining room. The wellness garden is also handicap accessible and recreational therapists perform services there. Located 1200 Earhart rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Contact Claire McCrystal at (734)769-6410

Greenview Community Garden
A Project Grow community garden for nearby residents, containing 23annual and 6 perennial plots. Located at Greenview Rd., near Scio Church Rd. Contact Pam Schwarzman and Kristen Garlock
Community (Use) Garden

Gretchen's House Child Care Center
Gretchen’s House Child Care Centers watch children 6weeks to preschool and provide early learning, garden maintenance, health, and outdoor experience. One of their community gardens is located at 1745 W. Stadium Blvd in Ann Arbor, but they are scattered all over Ann Arbor. Each garden location will vary, ask to get specifics if necessary. To learn more about these gardens, call the administration at (734)761-2576
Educational or Learning Gardens (children)

Hill Side Terrace Retirement Community
A Project Grow program, serving seniors living in the retirement community with 11 plots. Location 1939 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Contact Gerri Barr at or call (734)996-3169
Community (Residential) Garden

Leslie Science Center: Discovery Gardens
More about the community and education, this Project Grow program is located next to the Leslie Science center. Gardeners are to gather at a selected time and date with the intention of becoming involved in the community and learning about gardening. Open for all ages Located at 1831 Traver Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. For more information on dates, time, events, or basic information contact the Project Grow director at (734)996-3169

Matthaei Botanical Gardens: Gaffield’s Children’s & Community Gardens
The children’s garden year-round, free to the public, volunteer run Botanical garden. Primarily for educational purposes, this garden teaches people of all ages various information on gardening and botanicals. Some visits, guests are even allowed to sample various items from the gardens. All left over edibles are donated to food gathers. Located at 1800 N. Dixboro, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Contact Debbie at (734)647-7600 for more information
The community garden is also located at 1800 N. Dixboro, Ann Arbor, MI 48105; housing 26+ plots for nearby residents. Contact Marilyn Swanson and Kirsten Parr-Matthews
Community (Use) & Educational Gardening

Mitchell Elementary Community Garden
A Project Grow local residential, community garden , found between Mitchell and Scarlet schools. Located at 3550 Pittsview, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Contact Angela King at
Community (Use) Garden

Northside Community Garden
A Project Grow program in affiliation with the Community Action Network, providing space for community gardening by Northside. Located behind Northside school, off of Pontiac Trail and Barton Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Contact Rite Laurence for more information.
Community (Use) Garden

Ozone House: Community Garden
The garden here was created to proved necessary life skills training and as a form of therapeutic activity for youth (10-17) in the shelter. The concept is to teach ‘farm to fork’ or ‘garden to table’. Located at 1705 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Nicole Baskin for more information.
Educational & Healing Garden

This is a school garden started by the PTSO. It works with students, staff, parents, and former Tappan parents to really engage children in the learning process and gardening. Located at 2252 East Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Lynda Norton & Kathy Sample (Co-Chairs of Tappan PTSO Garden Committee) for more.
Educational & Healing Garden

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health
This is a Project Grow community garden, welcoming all looking to rent a plot. Located at 2140 E. Ellsworth Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Contact Eric Meves for more.
Community (Use) Garden

West Park: Miller Community Garden
A Project Grow community garden for nearby residents, holding 18 plots. Maintained completely by residents. Also used by Edible Avalon. Located at 205 Chapin St., Ann Arbor 48103. Contact Craig Urwin
Community (Use) Garden

Wines Elementary School
Another Project Grow program used to benefit those in the community. Hold 5 plots for those nearby. Located at 1701 Newport Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103. Project Grow director at (734)996-3169
Community (Use) Garden

Zion Lutheran Church
Zion constructed its 50' x 50' in the spring of 2012, as part of the larger community's Faith and Food garden programs.  100% of our produce is donated to Food Gatherers for distribution to people in need.  Our garden is fenced, uses raised beds, and relies on the volunteer energies of Zion's members, young and old.  Zion is please to be working with Growing Hope, the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, and Food Gatherers in our efforts.  Located at 1501 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. For more information, contact the church at (734)994-4455 for general information or questions and Bryan Weinert
Faith & Food Garden

Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace is an on-the street ministry helping the homeless.  They are located at 3025 N. Prospect, Superior Township.  The 2012 garden steward is Cheryl Lawrence.  Contact Cheryl at 615-300-6618 or by email at

While not a part of Growing Hope, Project Grow Community Gardens is a long-time Ann Arbor-based organization offering plot rental gardens.  If you're in Ann Arbor, check out if any are near you.
Growing Hope has partnered in the development of over 60 community & school gardens throughout Washtenaw County and we are excited to help start even more!  Get in touch if you'd like to learn about how to start a community garden through our Garden Leadership Training.

Many area gardens fall into more than one of these categories:
Neighborhood gardens: Often what people think of as a "traditional" community garden, neighbors often rent or adopt plots-- sometimes for a fee-- most often to grow healthy fruits & veggies.
Learning gardens: When a garden's primary goal is education, whether in a school setting, to encourage intergenerational learning, or to share job skills.
Sharing gardens: While all of our partner gardens that grow veggies/fruits participate in Plant A Row for the Hungry, some gardens' primary purpose is growing food for donation to neighbors in need. Whether to donate to Food Gatherers or distributing directly to neighbors, sharing the harvest helps to increase our community's food security.
Market gardens: When we connect gardening with entrepreneurship-- whether to sell our harvests at farmers' markets, or turn them into a value-added product (think salsa from tomatoes), we become market gardeners. What better than local, green, garden-based business that also feed and beautify our communities?
Healing gardens: Also called horticultural therapy, this type of garden is intent on healing mind and body.


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